Since 1976 , our custom molded rubber products have been the solutions for various industries worldwide. With over 40 years of experience in rubber molding , quality , costs and personalized services are the major keys to our success. Being a Tier1 and Tier2 supplier in the Automotive and Various industries , along with the capacity to supply over 2,000 different products for over 200 customers worldwide , you can be ensured that our products and business processes, including continual improvement effort, are maintained at the highest level


Having a fully integrated system all in one roof is the key to gaining valuable trust from our customers. Our rubber R&D laboratory and design team support our customers developing the best possible products with the least costs. Our mold making facility and engineering team help our customers launching their projects faster and better than their competitors. Our molding and assembly lines, equipped with over 400 presses with all sizes, along with quality standards such as ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001, ensure that our customers will always get their quality products on time.


We are fully committed to the growth and long term prosperity of our customers’ businesses. Our vision and policy is to provide products and services beyond customers’ expectation, at the same time fulfilling the happiness of our people and respect the environment and society we are operating in.